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The first hydrophobic lens without compromise for mini-incisions.

First-in-class material & unique patented design make the difference.

Easy implantation – 2.2 mm incision.

SEMTE – An exceptional innovative hydrophobic material.

Bi-Flex HB is manufactured from a long-time proven SEMTE hydrophobic co-polymer material.

A co-polymer with reduced tackiness compared to other hydrophobic materials
Improved mechanical and rheological properties at room temperature – optimal glass transition temperature (Tg) at 4°C
Excellent pseudo-plasticity for quick centration and positioning of the injected lens
Low rate of cell adhesion – enhanced PCO prevention
Suitable for optimal 2.2 mm mini-incision surgery.

MEDJET B1B2.2 injector as the suitable hydraulic injection system


Smooth continuous gliding of the IOL inside the cartridge, low injection force
Gentle but quick, symmetric and atraumatic unfolding in the capsular bag (“like hydrophilic IOLs”)

First-in-class material for an excellent optic quality and improved safety

100% glistening free

Hydrophobic acrylic IOLs do not need to be packed & stored in water.
SEMTE’s refractive index (1.47) closer to the physiological refractive index of the aqueous humor.
Medicontur hydrophobic IOLs are lathe cut – not molded.
Why accept materials with a low Abbe number?

Bi-Flex HB material & the Abbe number
The Abbe number is a measure of a transparent material’s dispersion in relation to the refractive index.

The higher the Abbe number, the lower the chromatic aberration.

Chromatic aberration reduces image quality in visible white light because each of its color wavelengths refracts differently.

Excellent optical performance

Bi-Flex HB presents the highest Abbe number: 58


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